AD9958 AD9959 four channel DDS module STM32 signal source Best learning V3

AD9958 AD9959 Four Channel DDS Module STM32 Signal Source Best Learning Module V3
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Module features:
1, the AD9958/59 module is a senior engineer to create PCB, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and design, exquisite material;
2, AD9958/59 is two / four channel independent output channels, output frequency: 1Hz-200Mhz, phase resolution: 1 degrees, the amplitude of the resolution is 1/1024, there is now the control accuracy of the controller, the performance module itself is higher than the above parameters, but to modify the program to achieve;
3, after a number of re design and change board can be exported 200Mhz beautiful signal.
4, the development board using high speed 32 bit STM32F103 chip control; procedures for the preparation of specifications, concise, easy to understand, you can quickly grasp the AD9958/AD9959 chip control.
5, the development board directly with USB power supply, easy to use;
6, support for serial control or button operation, can control the channel, frequency, amplitude, phase;
7, the use of modular control, AD9958/59 module and control board is independent, easy to use other controller;
Application of module:
1, the local oscillator;
2, test equipment;
3, synchronous clock, high frequency signal source;
4, AD9958/59 learning module;
Four, module performance parameters:
1, controlled by USB (5V power supply),
2, the output frequency of 0---200M, 1HZ resolution;
3, the output range of 0 - [email protected] high resistance,
4, independent phase adjustment, 1 degree fine phase resolution.