ADF5355 PLL 54M 13.6G development board low phase noise VCO differential crystal oscillator

ADF5355 PLL 54M 13 6G Development Board PLL Low Phase Noise VCO Differential Crystal Oscillator
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Product Description

Advantages and characteristics
RF output frequency range: 54 MHz to 13600 MHz
Fractional-N N frequency division synthesizer and integer N frequency division synthesizer
High resolution 38 bit modulus
Frequency discrimination phase detector (PFD) with operating frequency up to 125 MHz
The reference frequency is 600 MHz
In 40 ~ C and maintain the frequency range of C to +85 DEG
Low phase noise voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
Programmable 1/2/4/8/16/32/64 frequency division output
Programmable dual modulus prescaler: 4/5 or 8/9
Programmable output power
RF output mute function
Analog and digital lock detection
Module application
Wireless infrastructure (W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, GSM, PCS, DCS, DECT)
Point to point to point to multipoint microwave links
Satellite /V-SAT
Test equipment / instrument
Clock generation
Module features
1, power supply: ultra low noise LDO voltage regulator power supply, more greatly reduce stray and noise. Interface DC002 6v0.2A or so
2, the use of precision low-noise 125M differential crystal, higher CMRR and phase detection frequency. Reserved external clock interface