Free shipping II ZLG Bus Analyzer compatible with USBCAN2 Zhou Ligong USB to CAN module interface card

Free Shipping II ZLG Bus Analyzer Compatible With USBCAN2 Zhou Ligong USB To CAN CAN Module
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Product Description

CAN-II C USB is a general USB-CAN analyzer, independent dual channel device, you can run the Zhou Ligong Test CAN, Zhou Ligong Pro CAN 2 software. Can be compatible replacement ZLG USB-CAN II/II+ (2a); compatible USBCAN-2E-U, run the new can test software, support DBC file import functions (DBC features see can test software description).
My company all CAN bus analyzer can be used to develop, test, management, maintenance of CAN network, recording, sending and receiving, analysis of bus data, collocation corresponding software can make your work more effective.
With the goods with the installation of optical disc, optical disc content for the driver and application software development, etc. two. After the installation, the device can be used for plug and play, very convenient.
Master control using industrial grade 32 NXP MCU, the device needs to pass the -40 ~+85 x 24 hours of high temperature aging test, the full load of x 3 hours to send and receive data testing, data frame without a loss.
All products are factory water SMT production, and components are made by machines and artificial double detection no weld to factory, to ensure all products manufactured in the reliable and consistent.
Available USB or 5VDC power supply. When the computer\'s USB interface load is not enough to provide enough current, you can use independent 5V DC plug power supply, improve system power supply stability. 5V power supply can also be used for offline relay, or intelligent offline mode, suitable for use in industrial field relay.
CAN terminal uses advanced magnetic coupling isolation technology, high voltage common mode signal on the bus, increase product life, improve the stability of the system, ensure data is not disturbed.
Function characteristic
CAN-Bus standard, ISO11898 channel.
Supports all CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B frame formats, including standard frame and frame.
Two CAN channels for independent channels, can also carry out two different baud rate of CAN bus debugging, and is not affected by each other.
The devices are built in the dual channel CAN bus standard 120 terminal resistance, can be selected by dialing the code switching.
32 hardware FIFO (FIFO) buffer, the highest receiving capacity of up to 8000 frames per second. (i.e., the baud rate is set to the maximum 1M, maximum length of data, the data is not lost frames)
The baud rate is adjustable between 5Kbps~1Mbps (baud rate for 5K please contact us), by the host computer software configuration.
My company general USBCAN use a specially developed driver, the driver is more targeted, compared to the Microsoft comes with a faster and more stable. Driver and software support 98/2000/2003/me/xp/7/8/10 32/64 and other win bit operating system.
Protocol analysis function, CANOpen, Devicenet, J1939 SAE, ICAN and other standard protocols can be resolved. According to the protocol standard format, the received data is classified and classified, and the data of the specified protocol can be simulated by the way of transmitting data. (for control of imported equipment, drivers, sensors, or do auto electronic users will use these agreements, if you are not very familiar with these protocols, this feature can help you to speed up the project process, see details CANPro software.
My company launched a new software for the automotive electronics users to support DBC, this software supports DBC file import parsing. ECU issued by the use of analytical functions can be seen in the frame data you data meaning and part of the vehicle parameters, can be used to crack the vehicle CAN signal and debugging and maintenance, is to do the car electronics users essential tools for you to save a lot of time. See details of the Test CAN software.
Data sending and receiving, data processing, data analysis, sending protocol simulation CANopen master slave station equipment, and so on ".
All products of our company are to support the development of the two, to provide a rich routine for the development of reference, and to provide a full two development of technical support, as detailed in the two development.
Software details
The latest version of CAN Test software.
1 the latest version of the CAN Test ZLG general test software, support 2.0A/B CAN format data transceiver, data preservation, spontaneous self closing and other basic functions.
2 core functions: DBC file parsing, the meaning of the universal part of the data of CAN bus J1939 protocol is analyzed, and the analysis of DBC decoding, J1939, CANopen protocol and BMS protocol is supported. This feature greatly facilitates the data acquisition and data crack, is essential for the automotive electronics.
3 time sequence sends data function, can send the data arranged into a sequence of time, can set the interval time of each frame data and send the number of times, can set up to 100 frame data. This function is convenient for debugging the equipment which needs to send data, and can debug the handshake protocol or a variety of indicators.
4, English can be switched at any time, the products are exported to foreign countries, the software is simple and easy to use, powerful, convenient for foreigners to use.
Pro CAN software
1 core functions - CAN high-level protocol analysis, including CAN-BUS based network of high-level protocols: SAE, J1939 DeviceNet, CANOpen, ICAN, etc.. This feature for users who do not understand the use of CAN protocol can quickly learn to speed up the project process.
2 through the script configuration and the analysis of the custom protocol, this function is convenient for each company to resolve the custom protocol.
Between 3 5K-1M any standard baud rate, if you are not the standard baud rate can be calculated by the software required by the baud rate.
4 data interrupt trigger function, can be set up according to the rules of the right to trigger the transmission, you can set the specified protocol frame to send the protocol frame. This feature can be used for special message location and detection, and handshake protocol debugging.
5 very strong data analysis capabilities. Can be set to receive a ID when the display configuration is good alias, but also to receive the data by a lot of rules classification display, easy data analysis and data management.
6 the same computer can simultaneously open multiple USBCAN devices, running more than one software, the device will not produce interference.
7 packet conversion function, you can receive the message to be converted to a binary, binary, sixteen, ASCII, etc..
8 list of the most user-friendly operation mode, you can receive the data directly to the right button to send a list, send data in the list can be sent on time order, send list can be loaded / saved, software configuration information can also be loaded / saved.