Original LCD Display GSM 900mhz Signal Amplifier 900 65dB Cell Booster Cellular Repeater +Yagi Antenna

Original New LCD Display GSM 900mhz Signal Booster GSM 900 65dB Cell Phone Cellular Signal Repeater
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Brand Namelintratek

Product Description

GSM Mobile Phone Signal Repeater GSM 900 supports 2G Date and Voice

By Lintratek

Features and specifications:

Please Find A Place, Where Outdoor Signal Is Strong and Stable, To Mount The Outdoor Antenna. Othervise This Amplifier Set Can Not Work Well. Thank You!

Say goodbye to dropped and missed calls in your home or office!
This repeater offers solution to your missed and dropped calls and slow data inside your home or office space. It boosts 2G data as well as voice for all major carriers IN EUROPE and ASIA. The repeater captures the reliable cellular signal you have outdoors and rebroadcasts it indoors, up to 280 square meter. Coverage will vary with outside signal strength, interior walls and distance from the Base Unit.
Enjoy clearer, faster and more reliable service without interruption
If you find that you must be near a window or outside to get adequate cell phone reception, then this cell phone booster is the solution. There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing poor reception. The most common reasons are: [ 1 ] Distance from the cell phone tower [ 2 ] Obstructions caused by terrain, trees, buildings [ 3 ] Energy efficient windows and other construction materials.
This repeater system includes everything you need
[ 1 ] Step-by-step instructions [ 2 ] External Antenna [ 3 ] 10 meters of coax cable [ 4 ] Base Unit: Amplifies the signal and provides oscillation protection for the carrier network [ 5 ] Indoor Antenna: connects to the Base Unit and repeats the signal to create an indoor cell zone.

-------------------Working only 900 signal band ----------------------

Working System:GSM 900mhz
Frequency Range:Up link: 890~915mhz / Down link:935-960mhz
Gain : 65dB
Output power: 16dBm
Ripple in band: less than 5db
Inpedance: 50ohm
Weight: 0.3KG
Size: 140x90x20mm
Coverage:280-400 square meters

Side view

Vivid brighter colors # Bule

Repeater with indoor whip antenna

Connector in details

The repeater of connector is SMA - female connector

Cable in white

10 Meters cable
SMA connectors

Indoor Antenna - for 1 pcs

Whip antenna
3 dBi
Frequency range

Outdoor antenna

Yagi Antenna:
Frequency range:824-960mhz

Full kit GSM repeater

Package including:
1.Booster unit
2.Yagai antenna
3.Whip antenna
4.10m cable
5.Power plug

Easy Setup in 4 easy steps!
[ 1 ] Mount the External Antenna where you have the strongest cell phone signal, typically on a roof or in an attic.
[ 2 ] Connect the internal antenna to the Amplifier Base Unit and place where you need improved signal. Indoor antenna should connect "MS" end of Amplifier. There should be a minimum of 2 vertical meters of separation between the Base Unit and External Antenna.
[ 3 ] Run the coax cable (10 meters) between the Base Unit and External Antenna. External antenna should connect with "BTS" end of repeater.
[ 4 ] Connect the power supply to the Amplifier Base Unit and plug into a power outlet and you are done!

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